Seed Platform

Investment Thesis: Create a diversified, regional and independent seed company in the region with 8-10% market share in key crops and proprietary genetic IP.

The Seeds Group is one of the leading independent seed companies in the region, comprised of four seed processing and production companies with operations in Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay across a range of crops that include corn, soybean, sorghum, colza, wheat and sunflower.



This Argentinean company has developed a solid breeding program and licensed biotechnology. Recently Sursem´s proprietary products have achieved excellent results in terms of yield and illness resistance.



It is the seed processing plant that produces pallets of different sizes and large containers with pre-cleaned and calibrated seeds.



Based in Brazil, the company develops its own biotechnology and is a pioneer in the resistance of the main pest affecting the soybean in Brazil. It has also developed seeds highly competitive against frosts and droughts.


Relmó Paraguay

Based in Paraguay, it has been able to become an important player, developing local investigation and development for soybean, wheat, sunflower, sorghum and corn.