Our History & Track Record

Pampa was formed in 2002 to acquire and manage Adeco. In September 2002, Pampa (through an affiliate company) and a US institutional investor formed International Farmland Holdings LLC (“IFH”) to purchase Adeco (formerly known as Pecom Agropecuaria S.A.), an agribusiness company with 74,933 hectares (185,161 acres) of prime land. In three years of operations, Adeco (through IFH) completed eight acquisitions investing approximately US$140 million, reaching over 120,000 hectares (290 thousand acres) of owned farmland and more than $60 million in sales from a diverse group of crops and agricultural products, such as soybean, sugar, wheat, coffee, cotton, dairy and livestock. In December 2005, Pampa exited its portfolio investment in IFH realizing an annual internal rate of return (“IRR”) of 41.9% (net of expenses and fees).